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  • Alkaline Water Ionizers

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Water-Related Questions

What is the white stuff in my water?

How much alkaline water should I drink a day?

Is alkaline water from the machine the same as bottled alkaline water?

How much time does it take to adjust to the higher pH alkaline water?

Are there any side effects from drinking alkaline water?

Does alkaline water have the same benefits when I boil it?

Which bottle container is best for storing alkaline ionized water?

How do I clean the white stuff in my water bottle container?

Machine Related Questions

What type of maintenance does the water ionizer require?

Does my machine tell me when it's time to replace the filter?

Why does my machine not turn on?

Can I open the machine if something doesn't work properly?

Can I adjust the volume on my water ionizer?

Is it okay to place the water ionizer in direct sunlight?

My water pressure seems lower than usual. What can I do?

Maintenance Questions

Can the bidet be removed from the toilet and cleaned?

How do I clean the bidet?

How do I clean the nozzle?

What if I won't be home for more than a few days?

How often do I need to replace the bidet filter?

How much electricity does the bidet use?

What if water pressure is too strong?

Troubleshooting Questions

What if the bidet does not operate normally after installation?

Is it normal for the bidet lid to make a clicking noise when opening and closing it?

The remote control doesn't work?

Remote only works if I point towards the bidet?

Air Purifier Questions

What is a HEPA filter?

How often do I need to replace filters?

Why doesn't my new air purifier work?

What do I do if the cleaning light turns on?